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[Gear] Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000

Today I received my Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 in the mail from Woot. I paid $4.99 + shipping on a woot deal.

I used to own one of these about a year ago, and I paid about $40 for it at Wal-Mart. I eventually lost the entire mouse ( not just the transceiver, believe it or not ). I figured it’s a pretty great mouse – it works, and works well – so why not buy it again? I’ve had previous logitech mice that were kinda bulky or awkward, but the 4000 has a nice grip along with a 4th button ( thumb ) well placed.

One AA battery lasts for like 100 years, so don’t even buy any more. It’s a shame that retailers don’t sell AA packs by the single. Also, don’t worry about loosing the transceiver – it’s so small, you can leave it in your laptop’s USB port and not worry about breaking anything.

Two More Awesome Things about this mouse that really made me decide to buy it again after loosing the first one:

BlueTrack Technology - The optical / laser on this mouse uses this crazy blue light spectrum in order to gain better ground, and tracking on almost any surface. One thing that’s really annoying while using other mice – is trying to use the mouse on various random surfaces and hitting a spot that the mouse can’t track on. I strongly believe that it is any mouse owner’s right to be able to track on any surface the owner feels appropriate. So this works on pretty much anything ( except glass ) and also works at a…

Great Distance - Advertised to have like a 15+ ft range, you can point at things in Chrome from across the room, while tracking on your cat’s face with no problem.

works on your cat!

That’s all I really have to say about it, other than I really like it, and that it comes in a bunch of colors. I picked blue, and also picked up a white one for my girlfriend. With all that said, here’s one more cool high-rez photo followed by links to other peoples’ opinions about the mouse.


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