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[KR-6]: ’555 Noise’ – 6.0.1

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The Beginning

Since I no longer have my lab space, I’ve been hangin’ out with Arduino where I’m currently staying, making the best of the times. Although, it’s been to long without my tools and other projects. I ventured into my storage unit to find my project boxes, and tools packed away. This is the revival of my 555 Synth / noise fun project.

Really anxious to get some kind of nutty sound out of a pile of parts, I did some research all over the net to find the simplest way. 555 Timers are as simple as they get, and with a few caps and resistors there’s much fun to be had.

555 Synth Schematic

555 Circuit Schematics

With some searching around the internet, there are plenty of projects based around the 555 chip, especially ones that make cool noises. I averaged these projects together in a simple – yet customized version for what I intend it to do.

My plans are to build a simple noise/synth device that I can integrate into a children’s toy musical keyboard to make some sinister sounds. When I’m finished with the keyboard It’s going to have a few knobs and switches to do cool things. Also I want to upgrade the keyboard’s speakers, build a line out, and a decent volume control.

For now, I have this circuit that just squeals and makes crazy noises. It’s worth about 30 minutes of fun by itself, which is why I need to make it into something bigger and double annoying.

30 minutes of fun

Next step in this project is to rip apart the keyboard, and see what kind of fun I can get out of it.

Continued… ‘kNoise’ – 6.0.4′

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